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based here at Cedar Farm is our little calm space filled with carefully sourced vintage, handmade and new items, for you, your home, and garden.

We also sell an ever changing mix of plants and flowers with our style being more wild and wonderful than anything more formal.

We only stock things that we love in the hope that you do too.

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Well this is unusual ..

Like the majority of the population the daily routine at the potting sheds has completely changed over night … The daily weather check has been replaced by checking for government updates, tool box talks and van preps replaced by being on hold trying to access business support and all the while the sun is shining … something I would have given my right arm for a few weeks ago but now seems to being making the situation even more frustrating.


On the other hand, what an amazing opportunity … I never get to spend time in my garden at this time of year as we are so busy prepare everyone elses for summer so here’s what I am doing …

Firstly just taking a minute to enjoy the plants that are looking stunning right now.  


The hellebores are just going past their best but have being nodding their little heads since Feb.  Earlier in the year, when the flowers start to develop I cut back all the leaves so the flowers can shine.  Once the flowers have finished I’ll cut them back to make room for the new leaves.  Hellebores can also look stunning in a vase.


The pulmonaria (this one is Blue Ensign) have come back from nothing with soft velvety leaves and very vibrant blue flowers.I have planted them round the bottom of my hydrangeas.  One of my absolute favourites for a shady spot, Brunnera Jack Frost is thriving under the conifer hedge (inherited hedge … ) which is one of the most hostile environments.


The magnolia stellata which is in completely the wrong place .. Is in full flower, having shed its furry little bud cases all over the ground … My son thought they were hairy caterpillars.


And much to my delight, with a little encouragement, the wild forget me nots have self seed everywhere …  Not sure the neighbours share my enthusiasm … Once they start to die back I will shake the plants to distribute the seeds for next year.

March 27, 2020 by Shopify

Home Piglet ..

Where are we going Pooh? Home Piglet. We are going home. Because that is the best place to be right now.


Although our beautiful shop is closed for now, we are checking our emails so if you need a little flowery chatter, we are here xx

March 23, 2020 by Shopify

Wonky times …

Its business as usual at The Potting Sheds until we are told otherwise.


In these wonky uncertain times, all sensible precautions and the utmost care are of course being taken in both the gardens and in our little shop.


We can deliver flowers and plants to you locally if you prefer, and our online shop is full of beautiful things, wrapped and ready to be posted out. Click here .. shop.thepottingsheds.com


Also …. If you have a little unexpected time on your hands, and have Netflix or Amazon prime, my current favourites films have included ..


The Professer and the Madman ( I was baffled why I didn’t know of this … it’s a true story)

My taste in films isn’t known to be popular, infact, when I drag a friend to the cinema there are sometimes, quite often actually, not all that many other viewers, but I think most people would love these two suggestions.


Please ask any of us if you need any help at all xx kindness matters always xx

Take care.

Love from all at The Potting Sheds xx

March 17, 2020 by Shopify