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based here at Cedar Farm is our little calm space filled with carefully sourced vintage, handmade and new items, for you, your home, and garden.

We also sell an ever changing mix of plants and flowers with our style being more wild and wonderful than anything more formal.

We only stock things that we love in the hope that you do too.

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Blog - The Potting Sheds

This week ..

Has been just lovely … the best type. A funny, mixed up, full of laughing, why ever should we not, type of week.


We had a day out, a sunny breakfast in our special Kirby Lonsdale, and then on to revisit the very beautiful Gresgarth Hall, again, which was just as gorgeous as last time.

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Then it was back to work and out gardening.

This garden has just been redesigned with new paths, raised beds and patio areas and is just lovely.


We planted a box hedge and roses, underplanted with lavender, lupins and geraniums, to line the new path to the porch.


We planted lavender and box hedges


Old troughs were planted with delphiniums, foxgloves, gaura and geraniums.


It was a scorching hot day, the water sprinklers were used not only for the plants. It was the most tranquil place.


And then, a very unexpected and impromptu day out to Tatton Flower show.


But as I am actually very busy, I shall save my nattering about that until another time.

It is Mawdesley scarecrow festival this weekend, there are lots of activities and events going on at Cedar Farm, please see their website for details.


And , if you are still with me …. I watched a really special moment this morning. A lovely gentleman cyclist turned up on his bike, his friends where already here and they started to sing happy birthday to him. He is 89 today, he was evacuated here in the war and stayed. Happy birthday, I hope you had a lovely day xx

July 19, 2019 by Shopify

Thinking ahead ..


“Would you check my hair for chicken mites” was my greeting this morning as I got out of Lota, part of the joy of being based on a farm I guess, I have been wriggly ever since.

We are thinking ahead to the end of the school term and thank you gifts.


Tin can flowers .. £6


Gorgeous candles in fig or orange blossom .. £14.99 click here


Rosemary and orange blossom soap bundles .. £5.99 click here


Seed packets .. £2.99 click here

just let us know if we can help you.

Breakfast ..


too much? Not for the shop girl who had two McDonald’s for tea.

Oh … and I was told this evening (it was announced in a sort of, this is a very important matter way), that, you should never, ever, buy a watermelon which is bigger than your head.

I hope this is useful xx

July 11, 2019 by Shopify

Rain ..


It’s pouring down outside so I have come indoors whilst it passes, except it no longer seems to be a little shower, more a sort of, last all day downpour. That’s cosy though.

The tiny garden is utterly unruly and sticking within none of its boundaries which is quite lovely xx

July 09, 2019 by Shopify