Order Flowers for Saturday collection xx

We are here for flower collections this Saturday between 10am - 2pm.


If you would like to pre order some flowers or collect anything from the shop, then please order online before Thursday evening.

Click here to browse our online store.


We have also just added the very lovely pepper berry bunches .. gorgeous popped into wreaths or garlands or to just add a little colourful cheer .. £10.

I hope to see you soon xx

November 11, 2020 by Shopify

Week 2.. lockdown 2

We are slowly adding more beautiful things to our website .. click here to take a look.


This gorgeous book by Bella and Nick Ivins shows how to create a self-sufficient home farm, grow your own produce and raise livestock. The New Homesteader tells the story of life on a modern homestead and provides all the knowledge necessary for anyone daydreaming (me always) of starting their own homestead or urban farm. Click to buy .


A box full to the brim of winter foliage, everything you need to get creative and decorate your own home .. £40 Click to buy.


A box of stunning hydrangea, eucylptus and other winter greens to create your very own beautiful centrepiece. Hydrangeas dry beautifully too .. £45 Click to buy.


 This is a lovely little informative book of all things bee – from evolution and communication, to honey, beekeeping, and saving the bees – all in a beautifully illustrated book .. £9.99 click to buy .


In other news, I dyed my very favourite dress using avocado stones … it’s come out so patchy. I did everything I usually do but alas, it’s a disaster.
Of course the worst bit is the front, most visible part. Any thoughts to remedy this? It was from Lithuania so getting a replacement will be tricky.


Have a lovely day xx

November 09, 2020 by Shopify

Week 1..lockdown 2 ..

The first day of lockdown brought autumn cleaning , all the candles being lit ( has there been a power cut? .. they said) and James Morrison.


It felt so odd this morning not to be packing my basket and heading into our little shop.
Instead the shop can come to you.

These slouchy socks are rather beautiful, the smaller size will be back in stock soon but we still have a few pairs of the men’s size.

Men’s slouchy socks size 7-11 … £17.00  click to buy

Men’s slouchy socks size 7-11 … £17.00 click to buy

These beautiful candles have the most calming scents .. Clementine and clove, cinnamon and rosemary and eucylptus and myrtle .

Beautifully calming candles … £13.99  click to buy

Beautifully calming candles … £13.99 click to buy

Welly or walking socks .. snuggly and warm and with a handy turnover so they don’t wriggle down your boots.

Welly socks size 7-11 .. £26.50  click to buy

Welly socks size 7-11 .. £26.50 click to buy

My aim is to walk much more every day during lockdown. I have noticed, since social distancing, that in our little shop I have become really rather stationery and slug-like. Rather than bat about all the time, I am mostly sat safely behind my perspex screen, with my chocolate tin. Not now though, my Nell and I will make up a flask, and come rain or shine, head off.
Navigation isn’t my strong point so this should be fun.
Have a lovely day xx

November 06, 2020 by Shopify

Home again ..

Although our beautiful shop is closed from 5pm today , we are still very much here.


We will be sharing lots of our Christmas stock on here and our online shop is all stocked up and ready for you. Just go to shop. thepottingsheds.com


We will still be delivering, or you can collect flowers, wreaths, or anything from the shop on a Tuesday and Friday.


Just email shop@thepottingsheds.com and we will help.


Thank you.
Take care.
Love from us all xx

November 03, 2020 by Shopify

Christmas is Coming a little Early!! ..

We are having an unexpected shop day today unpacking all of our Christmas delights


Our doors will be open from 10am if you fancy doing a little shopping before Thursday.


We will also be open on Tuesday and Wednesday this week from 10am-5pm.
After that you will still be able to buy everything in our online shop for us to post out to you, or we can deliver if you live locally.


More details to follow xx

November 02, 2020 by Shopify

We can Help ..


The shop is filling with beautiful things, the days can be bright and  dazzling, or the sunshine hardly appears and it doesn’t really get light, so candlelight at 11am is the thing ... gorgeous and calming.


As going out shopping may be a little tricky for some people, browsing online can be a lovely alternative ( or even better than going out and everything being a little too people-y.


We have put together a collection of our favourites things which we think , most people, even the trickiest on your present list, will love to receive . . Just go to shop.thepottingsheds.com to visit our online shop.


We can be your personal shoppers, parcel gifts up for you, and pop them in the post, or if you fancy a little change of scenery, you can come and visit us , have a coffee and some fresh air, and pick up for yourself. 


Either way, this weirdo time doesn’t mean that things are cancelled or all the giddiness has disappeared ... no way.  We can just do things beautifully differently.

If things feel a little overwhelming, this little saying always makes things feel better.


With love xx

October 29, 2020 by Shopify

Bulbs available in the shop From Next week..

Now, as we are surrounded by autumn colour and falling leaves, is the time to plant your bulbs … not a very rewarding task at the time, but come spring all your hard work will be well worth while.  

We have a selection of gorgeous alliums, tall ones, short ones, white ones, purple ones … along with some stunning tulips and crocus.

Allium atropurpureum

Allium atropurpureum

Allium Mount Everest

Allium Mount Everest

Tulip ballerina

Tulip ballerina



Tulip queen of the night

Tulip queen of the night

Allium nigrum

Allium nigrum

Botanical crocus

Botanical crocus

All on sale in our shop next week, if you are one of our gardening clients, we can of course bring them along when we visit you.
Have a lovely day xx

October 22, 2020 by Shopify

Have you plans this weekend ? ..

Well we would love to see you.


We have 20% off all of our books if you should want to do a little gift shopping or to treat yourself .






We have also been shopping, and are topped up with beautiful plants for some autumn colour.






Yieks … even bRiGhT beautiful violas!!


In other news, huge news actually.
This shopgirl drove the transit (big) van after 10 years of trying to find enough bravery…. On the actual real road!! I loved it.
I am ditching flowers … ice road trucker is the life for me.


We are open from 10am.
Have a lovely weekend whatever you do xx

October 10, 2020 by Shopify

Wreaths and the such like ..


Workshops ..

We have made the tricky decision not to run any of our Winter workshops in our little shop this year. To do them safely and comfortably in our small space we feel, would be difficult.


We are however, offering a “wreath at home” box.
This will be a box, delivered locally to your doorstep (you can collect if not) which includes ..

a copper wreath ring

a reel of wire


beautiful foliage


simple written instructions

Everything you need to create your own wonderful winter wreath. We will also be doing a little video ( good lord how terrifying) which you can watch if you need a little extra help!!


The box will cost £25, and we think would make a gorgeous early gift for someone , or just a lovely thing to do in your own home.


I can of course make a wreath for you if you prefer. These will cost £35 and our order book is now open.


Please email shop@thepottingsheds.com to place an order or ring me on 01704 823313 if you need and help.

Thank you xx

October 05, 2020 by Shopify

A day out and things to Come ..

So off we go ... a day out, a big walk and a picnic. 

You know it’s going to be a good day when you look down in the trusty patio doors mini and this is in the footwell. 


The Ribble Valley really is stunning . The plan was to have a breakfast picnic, go on a big walk, and then a lazy lunch picnic. A perfect day.


We found a spot. The breakfast picnic was gorgeous ... we chattered, decided that to live by a bubbling brook would be lovely, and then we realised that hours had passed by so, the walk was a good idea. 


Off we set, leaving behind our completely perfect spot. 4 minutes into the hill walk, we had aching legs and chattering was rather tricky due to hardly being able to breathe. 


Not long after this we turned round and returned to our perfect spot for our lazy lunch. Gin went into the river to cool and the rest of the day was idyllic.




This is a possible relocation spot, it has the bubbling brook and the best picnic spot you can imagine. Thank you to the picnic provider, it was lovely. My go next. 


In other news..

We have had many enquiries about wreaths and workshops. Our wreath order book is filling up nicely, thank you. If you would like to order one please email shop@thepottingsheds.com or phone me on 01704 823313.
We are just deciding about the viability of running workshops just at this moment, I shall let you know about this next week. 


We will however be offering a “wreath at home package”. 


This will be a box, delivered to you locally (you can collect if not local) containing everything you need to make your own wonderful Christmas wreath. Beautiful foliage, a copper wreath ring, a reel of wire, moss and ribbon, plus written instruction will be included.


This may be a lovely thing to do with a friend in your own home if you prefer to stay in your own little bubble.

Details of this will be sent out shortly. 

Have the loveliest day xx 

September 29, 2020 by Shopify