Workshops ..

We have made the tricky decision not to run any of our Winter workshops in our little shop this year. To do them safely and comfortably in our small space we feel, would be difficult.


We are however, offering a “wreath at home” box.
This will be a box, delivered locally to your doorstep (you can collect if not) which includes ..

a copper wreath ring

a reel of wire


beautiful foliage


simple written instructions

Everything you need to create your own wonderful winter wreath. We will also be doing a little video ( good lord how terrifying) which you can watch if you need a little extra help!!


The box will cost £25, and we think would make a gorgeous early gift for someone , or just a lovely thing to do in your own home.


I can of course make a wreath for you if you prefer. These will cost £35 and our order book is now open.


Please email to place an order including your phone number so I can ring you, or ring me on 01704 823313 if you need and help.

Thank you xx

October 05, 2020 by Shopify