Where to begin with so so many beautiful and innovative things to see. Here is just the tiniest snippet of our visit .. 


The Walled Garden

My personal favourite .. not only because of this gate, but just the whole feel of being in there.  An acre in size with apple tunnels, pears, plums, an array of herbs and vegetables, all which are used in the kitchen of the house, and entirely organic, plus, the loveliest herbaceous borders to help with pollination. Oh,  and a carp pond in the middle. 


The Stumpery

A fantastic word and based on the Victorian concept of growing ferns amongst tree stumps, the majority here being sweet chestnut and oak.  

The Stumperys water feature, is made from redundant stone and is hollow, housing the most ginormous giant rhubarb plant. 


The Sanctuary

We were told that this beautiful building is used solely by Prince Charles as a place of peace and quiet. It has four door handles on the old door which have to be twisted in a certain formation to allow entry, a fantastic idea I thought! 

13 gardeners maintain 15 acres of gardens .. hard hard work for them but an utter delight to visit xx

We also found this ... 


probably the prettiest little house and pink door that you ever did see ... I think the owner was in so we had to be stealthlike!! 

Whether you have a Highgrove garden or something a little more humble, we have a fab team Potting Sheds, who can help with any aspect of creating and maintaining something rather special of your own xx   

October 03, 2017 by Shopify