Week 3 and every inch of my garden has been dug .. thrice … my lawn has already been mowed more than it was in the whole of last season and the kids are on home schooling holiday so I am turning my hand to some design work …


Inspired by the herb gardens at Acorn Bank Hall, clients approached us to develop an over grown and unused area of their garden into a productive area for espaliered fruit and herbs.  However, their fascination was in the layout of the garden.  Rather than the usual focus on the plants culinary uses they wanted the layout to be based around plants medicinal use, a physic garden.


The garden we have designed is in a lovely sunny spot and will have quite a formal layout …. it will have a standard bay (Laurus nobilis)  in a terracotta pot at its centre.  Bay is known to be a diuretic but may also help to kill cancer cells, reduce glucose and cholesterol in diabetics and is good for healing wounds.


The central pot will have four raised beds leading off it constructed out of sleepers. The beds will be planted with a mixture of herbs, perennials and shrubs arranged according to their medicinal function.


All herbs have some degree of anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic or anti-viral properties… Something of particular importance at a time like this …


Everyone will be increasing conscious of how strong our immune systems are and plants that can help to boost this include the beautifull Echinacea… Also many herbs that are really easy to grow such as parsley, oregano, marjoram and thyme. Thyme is also thought to be very effective in the treatment of inflammatory disorders.


Rosemary and sage are both very versatile herbs and support memory mechanisms helping with attention, alertness and concentration also preventing fatigue. 

Mint is good for the digestion and treatment of IBS. 


Grow lavender, chamomile and lemon verbena for calming effects and to make a soothing tea to aid sleep.  Sleep being another very important element to help boost the immune system.


Even the common old dandelion (just flowering now) has medicinal properties and can be used as a tea to detox the system. 

If you would like to find out more read Grow your Own Physic Garden by Elaine Perry et al … and in better times I will certainly be making a visit to Dilston Physic Garden in beautiful Corbridge and a cheeky nip to RE while I’m up there …




April 09, 2020 by Shopify