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This gorgeous book by Bella and Nick Ivins shows how to create a self-sufficient home farm, grow your own produce and raise livestock. The New Homesteader tells the story of life on a modern homestead and provides all the knowledge necessary for anyone daydreaming (me always) of starting their own homestead or urban farm. Click to buy .


A box full to the brim of winter foliage, everything you need to get creative and decorate your own home .. £40 Click to buy.


A box of stunning hydrangea, eucylptus and other winter greens to create your very own beautiful centrepiece. Hydrangeas dry beautifully too .. £45 Click to buy.


 This is a lovely little informative book of all things bee – from evolution and communication, to honey, beekeeping, and saving the bees – all in a beautifully illustrated book .. £9.99 click to buy .


In other news, I dyed my very favourite dress using avocado stones … it’s come out so patchy. I did everything I usually do but alas, it’s a disaster.
Of course the worst bit is at the front, the most visible part. Any thoughts to remedy this? It was from actual Lithuania so getting a replacement will be tricky.


Have a lovely day xx

November 09, 2020 by Shopify