Hi xx


I hope you are very well. 

We were so very overwhelmed by the delight and joy that our Christmas wreaths in a box brought to many of you, that we are offering Spring wreaths in a box for collection from our little shop, on 12th/13th March.


This box will include all you need to make your very own gorgeous spring wreath .. 


A copper ring


A reel of wire

Spring flowers and twigs

A little pot of bulbs 

Written instructions 


This date coincides with Mothering Sunday, so would be a gorgeous gift for somebody special, or of course, it is just as lovely to be just for you. 


The box will cost £35 and is on our website now to preorder, just go to shop.thepottingsheds.com

I hope that you have a lovely day xx 

February 15, 2021 by Shopify