Sort of almost, maybe? Spring is here? We have had sunshine and showers already and it’s still early. 

IMAGE.JPG FullSizeRender.jpg IMAGE.JPG

My lunch has been ever so kindly left on Lota for me this morning so it has been a happy start to the day.


The shop has new book arrivals which always causes excitement


A tree in the house ... click here  


The foraged home ... click here 


Cow parsley is out on the lane which is another delight, I gather it in the early mornings or late evening now after my run in with the gentleman accusing me of ‘thievin”.

And my seedlings, which have been very kindly grown by a dear friend due to my lack of a greenhouse, are slowly appearing and are very happy in our tiny shop garden. When it looks a bit fuller I will show you. 


If it doesn’t look like this in the summertime then I will be disappointed, well actually, when I say disappointed, that  may be quite an understatement. 



April 25, 2019 by Shopify