With this gorgeous mix of sunshine and showers our gardens are hopefully looking stunning. 

Deadheading and weeding go hand in hand with our random climate, so here are two things to help you along ..

Japanese razor hoe



Probably one of our most popular garden tools both with customers and our own gardeners. This sharp, angled hoe is easily drawn through the soil, chopping and removing weeds in its path . £14.95. Click to buy



These beautiful handmade little snips are ideal for deadheading and gathering herbs. £10.50. Click to buy

Croston Open Gardens

9th July


11am -4pm

A range of stunning private gardens will open their gates to welcome visitors. From wild and informal  to landscaped minimalist ... something for everyone!!

Tea and cakes, a plant and flower stall, planting demonstration, a raffle and children's quiz will also be in the lovely grounds of the church.  

All proceeds will go to the 'Croston Together' charity.  


This is the beautiful garden designed and created by The Potting Sheds which will be open on the day. 

Tickets on sale in our little shop or at Croston's Old School on the day. 

Have a lovely weekend xx

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