The Potting Sheds were recently asked to create a new garden, from an area where a lawn had previously struggled due to being shaded almost totally by two really beautiful, old established oak trees.


As we didn’t want to disturb the tree roots, a traditional patio area was out of the question,  so instead we decided to create a raised platform. 


The plants we chose had to thrive under the tree canopy in the summer months, so shade lovers where ideal, ferns and native grasses. 


We also chose early flowering perennials,  which would be totally happy and provide some lovely spring colour when the tree was leafless. 




Composted bark was spread over the planted area to help keep moisture in as the ground is really dry, and also act as a weed suppressant. 


As we finished off the planting yesterday evening and gave everywhere a final little misting with the hosepipe , the dappled sunlight came through the trees and it was just beautiful.

And to the very lovely bark delivery man .... yes, we did xx  

April 30, 2019 by Shopify