SaLe ..

Hello 2022 ..

I think and hope that you are going to be a wonderful adventure .
Our little shop reopens on Tuesday 4th January with our fabulous half price sale.

Happy New Year

With love xx

January 01, 2022 by Shopify

Thank you ..

Well, it’s here. Christmas Eve, the bestest, fizziest day ever

This little shop will close at 12pm today for the holidays snd reopen on January 4th at 10am for our fabulous half price sale.

Thank you once again for all of the kindness, support and friendship that you have shared with us in yet another weird, and wonky time.

Who knows what exciting adventures the New Year will bring but I think it’s going to be wonderful .. until then, we hope that you have a peaceful time wherever you are.

With love xx

December 24, 2021 by Shopify

Late nights ..

We are here until 8pm tonight if you fancy a little late night shopping.

We have lots of eucalyptus, flowers, and candle pots for you.

But firstly, an intimate winter wedding .. flowers to replicate a very special grandma’s wedding bouquet .

With love xx

December 16, 2021 by Shopify

Table displays ..

Available now .. £25.

We are open until 5pm today and tomorrow and until 7pm every Thursday throughout December.

With love xx

November 27, 2021 by Shopify

City bound ..

A few days in that London. It has never been my favourite destination, until recently, when I realised that if you avoid the busy parts, it really is very beautiful and incredibly friendly.

Hampstead has been on my daydream list for many years .. oh my, it was lovelier than I had ever imagined.
I was most fortunate -ish, to have a personal tour guide who, armed with a little book “hidden walks of London” … haphazardly navigated us on a lovely four mile walk around the town (we got lost … more than once)

Taking in some lovely places (the Hollybush was perfect in every way), the secret gardens are so unexpected and beautiful and the Heath even has swimming ponds.

If you do visit, I strongly recommend booking a table at The Spaniards … it is fantastic.

Up and out early the next morning, it was all about Columbia road flower market .. a much visited absolute favourite.

But first we had a lovely walk through the deserted city streets to find St Dunstan in the East church, a truly unique space set within the ruins of a Wren church. This green oasis has benches and a beautiful fountain with greenery draping the walls, it was like a film set.

We couldn’t believe it when a little gospel choir started singing, we had our very own private concert … it was a very lovely memory to have.

In other news .. the shops of Cedar Farm will be open until late on Thursdays throughout December.
check the Cedar Farm website for details.

Have a lovely day

With love xx

November 23, 2021 by Shopify

Wednesday arrivals ..

Giant baubles .. £29.99

Rusty flowers .. £55

25 mixed tulip bulbs .. £10

All available at

I hope that you are keeping well.
With love xx

November 16, 2021 by Shopify

Our Winter late night shopping ..

Next Wednesday sees our beautiful late night shopping event, when all of the shops here at Cedar Farm will be full of all things Christmas.
Preparations are underway here, well that isn’t actually true, I have many branches, fairy lights , and I have written three signs ….. but it’s a strong start.

We will have winter wreaths and foliage bunches on display, just incase you would like to pre-order and collect nearer the time (that’s a gentle side eye to the lovely gentleman, who, however much fun it is, has for the last few years, been scrabbling around frantically in my stick box on Christmas Eve trying to fashion something festive)

You can sit in the courtyard, by the fire, with mulled wine ( fingers crossed for a dry night), and the cafe are doing their wonderful soup and puddings night (ring them to reserve a table).

We would love you to join us .

In other news, the oh so lovely Lauren from Bloom and Folk magazine, visited recently.
You can imagine our complete surprise when we received this yesterday.


Sorry about the print being a little blurry .. it copied like this.
Thank you so much … we are quite overwhelmed at your kindness.

I hope that you have a lovely day wherever you are.
With love xx

November 04, 2021 by Shopify

Late night shopping ..

Hi there .. Our late night shopping evening will be on Wednesday 10th November this year, from 5 -9pm.
This little shop will be filled to the top with all things Christmas.

Our gorgeous courtyard will be a twinkly place to sit and enjoy mulled wine, and the cafe will be open for their beautiful soups and puddings .

For more details of what’s on, then please go to the Cedar farm website .

Have a lovely lovely weekend xx

October 24, 2021 by Shopify

Autumn wreaths ..

Our autumn wreaths are now available .. simply order at

Have a lovely day xx

October 12, 2021 by Shopify

Winter workshops and wreath at home kits ..


Thank you so much for all of your interest in our winter wreath workshops, which are now full.

Our winter wreath kits however, are now available to order online at

This will be a bag, which includes ..

a copper wreath ring

a reel of wire


beautiful foliage


simple written instructions

Everything you need to create your very own wonderful winter wreath.

These cost £30 and can be collected from our shop from November 1st.

I can of course make a wreath for you if you prefer, these will cost £38 and are available to order online as above, by popping into the shop, or ringing me on 01704 822313.

With love xx

October 04, 2021 by Shopify